Providence Capital provides highly specialized advisory services based on a broad track-record of transactions including +50 successfully closed deals, and many other potential transactions which did not conclude though added substantial experience to all parties involved

M&A Advisory encompasses providing services in the following cases:

  • Sale of a company, business line or asset(s): Providence Capital assists its clients in designing and managing sale processes from A to Z until actual Closing of a transaction, coordinating all other transaction advisors and providing personalized assistance. In the case of a partial sale, Providence Capital also assists in the negotiation of the shareholders agreement based on its extensive experience on this matter
  • Acquisition of a company, business line or asset(s): Providence Capital has the capacity to provide a comprehensive solution assisting clients throughout the acquisition process including the mapping of potential targets and the structuring, financial valuation, negotiation, and Closing of a transaction
  • Mergers and Joint Ventures: Providence Capital has the ability to assist clients in detecting a business candidate, performing a financial valuation of the company under various scenarios (stand alone, merger case, sinergies analysis), evaluating alternative structures, coordinating due diligence, negotiating a transaction, and providing general advisory through Closing
  • Capital Raisings:  Providence Capital assists clients throughout the process of evaluating alternative scenarios, mapping potential sources of funds including equity and debt providers, and then structuring, negotiating and Closing a transaction. Providence Capital has a broad network of local and international potential suppliers of capital be it in the form of equity or debt, through private or public transactions
  • Management Buy Outs (MBOs):  Providence Capital has experience structuring management buy outs providing advisory services to either a seller, buyer or the management team of a transaction