Global Network

Providence Capital is a Chilean based boutique financial and strategic consulting firm, leveraged by a global network formed by similar firms formed by senior and experienced advisors sharing a common past having worked for highly successfull global investment and commercial banks such as ABN AMRO and Santander, among other reputed global institutions.

Our expertise combined with our global network allow us to work with a select group of corporate and family-owned clients from various industrial sectors.

We facilitate GLOBAL ACCESS and BEST QUALITY OF SERVICES to smaller firms, which would not be able to receive such level of service from larger or global institutions.

We support our clients, with whom we establish long-term relationships, in their decision-making process and on critical business transactions such as mergers, acquisitions and fundraising.

We act completely independently, creating trust-based relationships, and our sole focus is the SUCCESS of our CLIENTS.

The members of our global network combine more than 350 strategic transactions, valued at more than US$ 317 billion, whereby in Chile Providence executives have advised in more than 90 transactions adding c. US$ 15 billion.

We are committed to the highest market standards of execution and support our clients in all phases of the decision-making cycle, from the evaluation of strategic options to the execution and implementation of the selected alternatives.



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